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I guess this is where you might expect me to explain and break down my many identities, however even I struggle to keep up with myself and the various names iv used in different creative ventures, projects and secret shenanigans. 

What others say

Dacarter Project, born as Darrel Carter, known as Dac a prominent figure in the vibrant UK art scene. With a background deeply rooted in street art, and pirate radio Dac now works with contemporary, abstract, and urban art. His creative journey is a tapestry of diverse mediums and innovative approaches, challenging the notions of plagiarism and artistic expression.

Dac's artistry is a fusion of imagination and a critical eye. He's best known for his involvement in the UK sticker and paste-up scenes, where his distinctive Dacface leaves an indelible mark on the urban landscape. His mixed media creations speak volumes, often sparking discussions around the boundaries of originality and the essence of artistic freedom.

Often working under an alias or two on the street a lot of work goes by purposely uncredited.

Beyond his visual artistry, Dac is a multifaceted artist. He moonlights as a DJ and music producer, adding a sonorous dimension to his artistic repertoire. His eclectic music selections and productions resonate with the same artistic diversity that defines his visual work.

Dac currently calls High Wycombe home, having originated from West London. His impact on the local art scene is undeniable, as he actively participates in and contributes to the creative community. In addition to his artistic endeavors, he plays a vital role as the Marketing Manager at Wycombe Arts Centre, where he continues to champion the arts and creativity.

Dac's work is a testament to the power of artistic exploration, questioning norms, and pushing the boundaries of creativity.